OUTBACK Neue Mitte
Neue Str. 6
25980 Westerland (Sylt), Germany

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday, 11 - 7
Sunday, 11 - 5 (closed in off-season)

OUTBACK's most progressive retail concept stands on the exact location of a former mechanical workshop in the heart of Sylt's city-centre in Westerland.

The brand new 250m² flagship store delivers a modern and minimalistic interior design.

The industrial background of the site has been carried forward uncompromisingly onto the store's design. For its contemporary interior, mostly concrete and steel has been sourced.

The brightly illuminated space allows an exposed presentation of each garment and emphasizes the experience of luxury retail.

Internationally qualified specialist staff offer discreet guidance while exploring the assortment.

The venue is also available to host various events like local art exhibitions and vernissages.


OUTBACK is an influential retailer of hi-end fashion and sought-after streetwear. The company remains fully independent ever since its foundation back in 1988.

The portfolio is defined by luxurious designer wear, mixed with OG sports & streetwear and premium outerwear. Nonetheless, a dedicated focus remains on carefully curated, limited-edition footwear.

Accessories, gadgets and the print media enhance the assortment.

OUTBACK profits from the internationally well-regarded location Sylt. Better known as one of the most exclusive locations in the country and beyond.

Its "dolce vita“ flair attracts an international customer base, regarding the store as a destination for discovering coveted fashion and seeking for inspiration.