adidas SPZL Calavadella Jacket - Skin

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adidas Spezial returns with its Summer ‘22 selection: a carefully curated marriage of now and then, featuring an array of timeless styles. Tailored for a discerning audience, the brand’s latest collection blends 1970s aesthetics and functional cues with subtly updated military details.

The adidas SPZL Calavadella Jacket is a staple in the terrace wardrobe and we’ve made this the ultimate terrace layering piece with this seasonal peach colour,.Tiecord waistbands and a removable zipped hood With inner mod-trefoil branding and a refined attention to details, this is a future Terrace Classic.

RELEASE of the adidas Spezial collection is Friday, August 12th

Farbe: beige, Skin
Style: Blouson, Jacket
Material: Gesamt: 100% Polyester
Geschlecht: Herren, Unisex