032c Topos Shaved Terry T-Shirt - Ex Neon Coral

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  • Bestell-Nr. SS21-C-2011
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The 032c Topos Shaved Terry Tee features a geothermal topography pattern derived from a heatmap of Berlin. Take a closer look to explore the subtle 032c logo installment.

032c SYSTÈME DE LA MODE proposes a linguistics of clothing, a study of fashion as language and garments as signs. Each piece is a double entity.
Words change in meaning and usage – not just over time, as trends shift, but in the immediate present, reacting to the context of the now. In SYSTÈME DE LA MODE, clothes change, too: their appearance morphs, their message transforms.

Farbe: Ex Neon Coral, orange
Material: Gesamt: 100% Baumwolle
Style: T-Shirt
Geschlecht: Herren, Unisex